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(1945 - 1982)

This page is dedicated to our Dad, STEVE TILMON,

in honor of his Father, ABRIM TILMON (DETROIT EMERALDS)

Michigan Chronicle (1982)

Hey Dad,
This page was made with love for you! We know how much you wish Grandpa could be here with us. That's why we made this page for you.This is a page you can add memories and pictures to. It will also let everyone know how special Grandpa Abrim was. This page will allow others to share memories and information they may have with us.
Your Children,
Jordyn, Deyon and Orlando

Dear Grandpa Abrim,
Although we were not born when you passed away, we all miss you, but we are consoled by memories Dad has shared with us. Grandpa, do you still sing? Someday you will meet us & our Mommy too, and Dad will see you again. Until then, we know you are watching us from heaven.  On this site, we will share pictures and memories of you and do what we can to keep the best part of you alive. Grandpa, rest well and know that....
We Love you,
Jordyn, Deyon and Orlando


Abrim Tilmon was the lead singer of the Detroit Emeralds. The Detroit Emeralds was a soul group that had several hits in the late 60s and early 70s. The Detroit Emeralds actually started out as The Tilmon Brothers, a Little Rock, Arkansas, gospel vocal group. With his brother Ivory Tilmon and friend James Mitchell, Abrim formed the Detroit Emeralds in 1968. Among their best known songs are "Show Time," "You Want It, You Got It" and "Feel the Need in Me." The group did not have any new recordings at the time of Abrim's death. However, around the time of his death, the group members were preparing a reunion album. On July 6, 1982 Abrim died at the age of 37 in his Southfield, Michigan, home of a massive heart attack. He was survived by his wife Janyce, son Steve, and daughter Cathy.  Along with Steve's three children, Jordyn, Deyon and Orlando, Cathy has also blessed Abrim with two grandchildren named Vanessa and Darryl.


     Part of us went with him, the day God took our Grandpa home. To some he is forgotten, to others just part of the past, but to us who loved and lost him, the memory will always last.

     There's an open gate at the end of the road through which each must go alone. There, in a light we can not see, our Father claims his own... We're sure beyond the gate, our beloved Grandpa has found happiness and rest, and there is comfort in the thought that a loving God knows best.

Grandpa Abrim's Funeral Program


Grandpa Abrim's Grave Marker


 Dear Detroit Emerald Fans,
We never knew our grandfather.  He passed away before we were born.   Our Dad misses grandpa very much.  Memories are a comfort.  Please take the time to get in touch and share your memories of our Grandpa. You may e-mail us with private messages or if you have anything you would like to add to our page, please contact us. 
Thank you,
Deyon, Jordyn and Orlando


We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to:
 Toby @  Soulwalking


Do You Remember Dancin' To The Sounds Of The Detroit Emeralds? 
Background Music:
'Feel The Need'
Recorded by: Abrim Tilmon & The Detroit Emeralds.

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